Are you looking for ways to keep your wheat-intolerant noodle-loving kiddos happy?

Pasta is a delicious and healthy dish that generally suits appetites of all kinds. What’s more, it’s easy on the wallet and can be whipped up in no time.

If you need to reduce or eliminate gluten in your child’s diet, you may feel as if pasta is no longer a candidate for mealtimes.

However, it is possible to source some delicious gluten free noodles your pint-size pasta lover will adore!

In this post, we’ll take a close look at the best noodles for a wheat-free, kid-friendly diet.

1. Green Pea Noodles

Green pea noodles are a fantastic option when it comes to gluten free noodles. Not only are these noodles entirely wheat-free, but they also constitute a secret serving of vegetables!

These are ideal if your children have trouble cleaning up those peas or broccoli heads on their dinner plates. What’s more, your kiddos won’t realize that they are actually eating vegetables on spaghetti night.

Check out our delicious green pea and kale reginette. These noodles are made of only two ingredients–peas and kale!–and arrive in fun curly shapes.

2. Black Bean Spaghetti

Black beans are loaded with protein and fiber that can give growing children the energy they need to build healthy muscles and brain cells.

Black bean spaghetti is also gluten-free, and most varieties won’t have any other added ingredients such as eggs or binding agents.

Black bean noodles do tend to have a bean-y flavor, so these gluten free noodles are ideal when tossed in a flavorful sauce. Check out this recipe for a quick and easy bolognese sauce that would pair nicely with black bean noodles.

3. Red Lentil Reginette

If you’re trying out vegetarian pasta night with your family and also want to avoid using gluten, bring some red lentil reginette on board.

This reginette is made up of only two ingredients–lentils and water–and has a lighter flavor than bean-based pasta. What’s more, red lentils are packed with many health benefits.

Lentils can promote healthy heart function, lower cholesterol levels in the body, boost energy, and deliver valuable protein. Use some red lentil reginette with a fresh, springtime pasta paired with a crisp arugula salad.

4. Rice and Vegetable Noodles

If your kids already eat a lot of rice and vegetables, they’ll love these noodles. Rice and vegetable noodles are a sturdier type of gluten free pasta that best mimics the flavor and integrity of wheat-based pasta.

These noodles can also fill hungrier bellies more satisfactorily. Our rice and vegetable noodles are packed full of nutrition from beets, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and herbs.

5. Chickpea Pasta

If you want to sneak more protein and fiber into your child’s diet, opt for chickpea gluten free noodles.

Chickpea pasta is a light alternative to wheat-packed noodles but with twice the nutrition. What’s more, it only comes with two ingredients (chickpeas and water) and is egg-free.

Check out our chickpea radiatore and reginette noodles!

6. Brown Rice Fusilli

Rice is a standard when it comes to sourcing bases for gluten free noodles. It’s possible to purchase rice noodles from a variety of retailers when planning for a wheat-free kids’ meal.

Brown rice fusilli, in particular, is a fantastic option for gluten free pasta night. Fusilli tends to hold together better than rice-based linguine or angel hair.

What’s more, brown rice provides children with a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates and whole grains.

7. Root Vegetable Noodles

Root vegetables such as carrots and beets can also be found in noodle form. These noodles are often more colorful than rice or chickpea noodles, which can make mealtime more fun for picky, younger eaters.

They also can complement vegetable-rich pasta recipes better than their bean counterparts.

Look for root vegetable noodles that are dairy- and egg-free for maximized nutritional value.

8. Edamame Pasta

Growing children need constant sources of protein, especially after a long day at school or running around on the playground. Plant-based protein can be an essential part of a developing child’s diet.

Edamame, in particular, offers individuals a clean and sustainable source of protein. Edamame is essentially soybeans.

The good news is that you can find noodles made entirely of edamame.

These gluten free noodles are much like black bean or chickpea noodles. They are denser with a heavier bean flavor, but ideal for pasta dishes with robust sauces.

9. DIY Zucchini Noodles

If you want to give your kiddos a grain-free pasta option, consider making your own zucchini noodles.

Homemade zucchini noodles are easy to make, and all they require is one ingredient: zucchinis or yellow squash. It is helpful to have a noodle machine, but it is also possible to generate zucchini noodles using only a cutting board and a knife.

Cut the zucchini or yellow squash into thin, pasta-like ribbons. You may want to peel the squash prior to cutting for greater chewability.

What’s more, skinless noodles may be more popular with kids.

You can boil these ribbons prior to cooking or simply sautee them with the sauce itself.

10. Kelp Noodles

Sea kelp is packed full of valuable nutrients and vitamins. A serving alone can deliver high amounts of Vitamins A, C, E, and B. What’s more, kelp is an incredible source of calcium.

Capitalize on this superfood by investing in kelp noodles. These gluten free noodles are light, quick to cook, and ideal for lighter pasta recipes.

Look for varieties that are specifically wheat-free.

The Best Gluten Free Noodles

It is possible to keep those young pasta-lovers happy even without wheat-based noodles on the menu. There are a variety of healthy and delicious gluten free kinds of pasta out there that can fit into any schedule and budget.

Try out bean-based pasta, such as black bean, edamame, or chickpea noodles. You can’t go wrong with pasta that incorporates root vegetables or brown rice, either.

For the adventurous parent, explore using nutrient-dense kelp noodles or crafting your own zucchini pasta.




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