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Muskoka Maple Cream Ale 4x6x355ml

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Muskoka Springs Maple Cream Ale marks beginning a new era in craft beverages. Our most unique new creation is derived straight from the maple tree… and the heart. It’s is the true taste of Canada.

Our Maple Cream Ale is so unique and well crafted, it’s guaranteed to become a Muskoka Springs staple. Never before has there been a beverage quite like it, truly the first of its class.

The perfect combination of natural maple syrup and vanilla bean, the Maple Cream Ale creates such an authentic maple flavor, you’ll be craving pancakes for hours.

Try it in one of our signature cocktails or floats. Maple Cream Ale is the perfect foundation for an adult beverage, a simple ice cream float, or one of our signature combinations. We guarantee you’ll like it. We’ve witnessed fans who claim to not even like the taste of maple,come back for more.




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