Healthy Cooking: 10 Gourmet Ingredients Every Kitchen Must Have

Are you just getting into healthy food prep? Here are 10 essential gourmet ingredients every kitchen should have. Check out these kitchen staples to get cooking

According to a recent survey, 28% of Americans do not know how to cook with gourmet ingredients. With the Food network, online tutorials, and online cooking classes available, it is shocking to see that this generation knows less about how to cook than their grandparents- who had no internet!

One can only live off TV dinners for so long before their taste buds and their health start to suffer.

We all know that problem, you want to learn how to cook to save money and become healthier, but you have absolutely no idea where to start. You also have no idea which ingredients to use.

It would be so much easier if we knew which gourmet ingredients to always have readily available to make our healthy food preps easier.

Well, here is a list of the top ten ingredients to help you navigate your way around the kitchen easier, and to live a healthier life.

Olive Oil

Of all gourmet ingredients, olive oil is that one that should be in the kitchen of every single house on the planet. Let’s be more specific and say “extra virgin olive oil”, which means that it is mechanically or cold pressed, rather than being chemically pressed. This makes it less acidic, tastes much better and you can have it raw.

Olive oil is full of monounsaturated fatty acids, which is a very healthy dietary fat, which should be used to replace saturated fats, which are prevalent in an unhealthy diet.

Olive oil is the main ingredient for most salad dressings, as well as marinades for vegetables, meats, fish, etc. Add it to a dish at the end of your cooking for an added boost of flavor, or mix it with balsamic vinegar as a healthy dip for bread. If cooking with it just make sure it is at a low to medium temperature, as it can change flavor if you heat it up too much (low smoking point).

Fresh Black Pepper

Black pepper is perhaps the most widely used and most love spice in the world. It is full of potassium, helps break down fat, and tastes delicious. If you make any mistakes in the kitchen, chances are you can fix it up with black pepper.

Every meat, vegetable, and cultural dishes can benefit from the taste of pepper. Either buy it pre-ground or purchase a pepper grinder and use whole peppercorns for a delectable taste.

Kosher Salt

Everything and everyone needs salt, from savory dishes to desserts, it makes everything taste better. It can pull excess moisture from meats, and it can bring out the flavor of just about any dish.


Garlic is used to flavor many sauces, marinades, salad dressings, baking, and just about any dish you can make in the kitchen. Yes, it can make your breath smell bad, but it tastes way too good to leave it out of any of your cooking.


First off, there are numerous types of onions to use in your cooking, and each one brings it’s own delicious qualities to your cooking. Red/purple onions are tangy and great in salads or dressings, yellow onions are great for frying, white onions are mild and great in salsas.


First off, lemon water is absolutely delicious, it alkalizes your body and has a good amount of vitamin C. They are also great in stir-frys, roasted vegetables, meats, and assortment cocktails.

Did you know that you can also clean with lemons too? It is a win-win having lemons in your kitchen.

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard has a unique taste that brings a party to every dish and marinades it meets. You can use it in salad dressings, meat marinates, and much more. If you are feeling bored with your sandwich, pimp it up with dijon mustard!

Use this as one of your gourmet ingredients and your taste buds will thank you.


Eggs are more than just a breakfast staple. They are used in baking, coating, stir-frys, soups, and so much more.

Make an egg casserole, a delicious quiche, use eggs to help coat your chicken in crunchy panko, or even use the whites as a protein source for your post-workout shakes.


Cheese is another one of those gourmet ingredients that you just cannot go without. There are so many delicious types of cheese that you would need a whole article dedicated to its deliciousness.

Cheddar is a broadly used cheese, add it to soups, sandwiches, eggs, tuna melts, tacos and much more.

Parmesan can be added to baking, pasta, soups, salads, or roasted veggies.

Blue is more of an acquired taste, but it is incredible with meats such as burgers, and wonderful with a good glass of vino.

You really can never go wrong with cheese.


Rice is the most commonly eaten food in the world, along with pasta and meat. It is an ingredient in many country cuisines and a vital staple in many households. The cool thing about rice is that there are so many different variations and flavors.

There is brown rice, wild rice, red rice and black rice which are slower to digest and full of minerals. There is white rice, which is short grain, long grain, basmati, arborio, sticky and sushi.

The most common kinds of rice for the American household would be brown and white rice, either short grain, long grain or basmati. Make sure you purchase the real rice in the bag and not a quick cooking type, as it has much more flavor and the desired texture.

More About Using Gourmet Ingredients In your Kitchen

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Happy cooking!




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