Organic chia seeds offer a series of benefits that you never even thought about. Find out why more people are incorporating this seed into their meals.

Organic chia seeds are trending and for good reason. These tiny seeds are one of the newest superfoods, and they carry a powerful punch.

From weight management to lowering blood pressure to diabetes control, adding these little guys to your daily nutrition plan could be the best decision you make for your health this year.

Let’s get into some of our favorite benefits!

Organic Chia Seeds: Why They Rock

An Impressive Nutritional Fact Lineup


We’ll cut straight to the chase here. Organic chia seeds pack in everything you want in a superfood. Just to overview, one ounce of these little guys include:

  • 137 calories
  • 4.4 grams of protein
  • 10.6 grams of fiber (nearly half of the recommended fiber amount)
  • 177 milligrams calcium (18% of daily recommendation)
  • 8.6 grams of fat

This doesn’t include all the amazing fatty acids, antioxidants, mucin, vitamins A, B, D, and E (yes, all of these are very important for your overall health).

To sum it up in simple terms, chia seeds are basically edible vitamins, good for your health and tasty to add to your food. Talk about a win-win!

Improved Digestive Health

As mentioned, organic chia seeds offer plenty of fiber, and fiber is an essential part of stabilizing insulin levels.

Superfood seeds help maintain regular bowel movements and promote overall good digestive health. Nobody likes being backed up, right? Chia seeds help move things right along.

Chia seeds also absorb incredibly well with water (you may notice how they expand when wet). When digested, they create “sticky-like gel,” which can help create a prebiotic within the digestive tract.

Increased Energy

We get it. You’re tired. Exhausted even. Maybe you work an incredibly demanding job or you’re just constantly on the go.

Stop reaching for your third (or eighth) cup of coffee and consider this fun fact. Chia seeds can improve exercise performance and they can provide boosts of energy similar to that in caffeine and sports drinks.

In fact, one study showed that chia drinks may work just as well as Gatorade. This is great news for you. You consume less sugar, spend less money, and take in fewer unknown and potentially dangerous chemicals.

No need to give up that Runner’s High in order to maintain healthy nutrition. In fact, the two work so closely in tandem that it appears that more and more athletes are now turning to these seeds for their energy boosts.

And, don’t just save it for your workout. Try consuming chia seeds after waking up. Maybe you won’t even need that coffee!

Diabetes and Blood Sugar Management

While diabetes remains an unfortunate and horrifying epidemic in today’s society, there are many amazing solutions for those who want to be proactive with their health and nutrition.

Organic chia seeds work well for insulin management and an overall stabilization of blood sugar.

In fact, recent emerging research shows that regular consumption of chia seeds can actually work to block insulin resistance from happening. Even if nothing else in the diet changes (including sugar and carbohydrate levels), chia seeds are associated with overall insulin management.

Furthermore, this research highlighted how organic chia seeds may not only prevent or reduce the symptoms of diabetes. It may actually reverse the effects of it altogether.

Improved Dental and Oral Health

You now realize how many valuable minerals and antioxidants are in chia seeds. But, not only is this good for your overall physical and mental well-being, it’s also incredibly good for those pearly-whites.

Tired of expensive dental bills? Maybe you’re avoiding the dentist because you’re afraid of bad news. No more!

In addition to maintaining daily oral hygiene (yes, you still need to brush your teeth and floss regularly), adding chia seeds to your diet can help prevent plaque buildup (thanks to the calcium and zinc), and they can even help to offset bad breath.

These minerals are also associated with increased strength in bones and gums, all of which you benefit from.

Weight Loss

Are you on a diet? Maybe you’re in the works of making a dramatic lifestyle change, or maybe you’re simply trying to shed those last five, ten, or twenty stubborn pounds.

Either way, organic chia seeds are an amazing ingredient to add to your weight loss toolbox.

They are packed full of protein (which keeps you full), they are also packed full of fiber (also keeps you full), and they have several necessary minerals and antioxidants (which prevent you from feeling malnourished or hangry).

Adding them into your diet may increase the sense of feeling fuller longer, therefore reducing the risk of potential overeating or eating the very foods you’re trying to avoid.

Chia seeds are also associated with increased leptin levels, and this is the hormone most closely associated with appetite regulation and how the body expends energy and stress.

Prevents Heart Disease

Becuase chia seeds are so full of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids (which are the good fats protecting your heart), they can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

In a nation with such elevated rates of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease, this is one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to manage that risk.

Heart disease and heart attacks are often closely associated with high cholesterol levels. Fortunately, the fatty acids in organic chia seeds are associated with lowering cholesterol levels.

This helps to also decrease the risk for hypertension (high blood pressure), and some studies are showing that chia seed consumption may have similar effects on the human body as prescribed medications do.

If you’re looking to keep your heart healthy and doctor happy, consider how adding chia seeds as part of your overall wellness plan.

Final Thoughts

Quality nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or even boring. In fact, some of the tastiest foods we know are the most nutritious.

We’re happy to help you on your journey towards finding the best foods and drinks for your lifestyle. Check out our extensive online shop where we bring food to life today!






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