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Kiju Ice Tea Mango Passion Mate 12x355ml

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Kiju Organic Iced Teas are heavenly blends of health-promoting teas infused with fruits, flowers and just a hint of sweetness. And at only 70 calories per bottle, our teas are tasty temptations you can always indulge in, guilt-free. Perfectly balanced.

Need a boost? Organic yerba maté is infused with rich organic mango and tangy passion fruit juices for an exotic and energizing experience.

Bright on taste. Light on sweetness.

Ingredients:Brewed organic maté, organic cane sugar, organic passion fruit juice concentrate, organic mango purée, organic flavour, citric acid, vitamin C



Weight 15.98 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 x 7 x 8 in


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