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Martin’s Saladition Citrus Pepper Blend 8x120g

Made from our freshly picked, world-famous apples, ingeniously  dehydrated, diced and mixed with a carefully selected combination of all-natural

ingredients, these delicious medleys make the perfect additions.

Toss into salads, enjoy as a snack, or experiment by adding them into  other meals to keep things extra healthy, and extra tasty.

A combination of apple, sweet potato, salted pumpkin  seeds, and beets, with a dash of white and black pepper,  sunflower oil and natural citrus oils, to keep things  interesting.

Ingredients: apples, sweet potatoes, salted pumpkin seeds  (pumpkin seeds, salt), beets, sunflower oil, white pepper,  black pepper, natural lemon oil, natural orange oil.




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